Accounting Services

EZChoice is committed to comprehensive accounting services in GTA. We offer a wide range of accounting services to small to medium-sized companies and corporation alike.  Our full bookkeeping services and accounting solutions can help business just like yours. Imagine having a team of accountants on staff to handle all your receipts, sales records, payrolls and government notices.


Having all of your business-related matters recorded can be a tedious task if you go about it alone. EZChoice Financial Services will ensure that everything is organized in such a way that keeping track of all progress or history will be well-documented and easy to access. Time is valuable for everyone and it’s unnecessary to spend any extra time going through clutters of records and financial documents — let us handle that for you!

Payroll Services

In order to keep your company running smoothly, it’s important to take care of your employees and their payrolls with both efficiency and punctuality. Here at EZChoice, we have our experts handle your lists of employee information with the utmost attention to detail and you can rest easy, knowing that everything in terms of their salaries, bonuses, and withheld taxes are handled.

Financial Statements

EZChoice Financial Services will give you a thorough and updated report on how your company is doing in terms of assets, liabilities, and equity in general. If you’d like to know how you or your business is doing from a financial standpoint, don’t hesitate to give us a call! One of our agents would be more than willing to help you go through it step by step.

Cash Flows

Incoming and outgoing money in the life of an individual or business is extremely important to take notice of. It goes hand in hand with bookkeeping and will leave no room for misplaced money because everything will be kept track of.


Whether you’re an individual or business, properly budgeting the income that you receive is crucial to ensure that your financial situation continues to strive. With our expertise, sorting out income has never been easier.