Life Insurance

The money that is distributed to loved ones or specific individuals upon your death (or the death of whoever is looking to receive life insurance) could be one of the most important decisions in order to ensure that the heir(s) of the sum live a stress-free life. Our experts will handle that for you and guarantee that all your affairs regarding this matter are dealt with accordingly.

Critical Illness Insurance

If you (or an individual) is diagnosed with a specific illness, it’s imperative that you save up money for any repercussions that said illness might bring to your heir(s) to your inheritance. We can handle any difficult paperwork with you so you can focus on taking care of your health.

Medical Insurance

Ensuring that you have enough money available for any/all medical expenses is something that can never be overlooked. With our help, we can guarantee that if it ever came down to it, medical and surgical expenses are insured.

Travel Insurance

Any losses sustained while traveling are important to be insured accordingly or you will have to waste money for unnecessary expenses. EZChoice Financial Services will make sure that whenever you travel (whether that’s within your own country or not), you can travel with peace of mind.

Income Replacement Insurance

Living off the investment returns of certain life insurance policies could be beneficial in some circumstances, but can be stressful in terms of figuring out the best way to go about doing it. EZChoice will make this entire process as smooth as possible for you, all it takes it a phone call.