Tax Services

If you need tax preparation help anywhere in GTA, consider having the professional team members at EZChoice assist you. We work diligently and pay close attention to details to make sure our clients need is fully realized.  At EZChoice, we want our clients to have the peace of mind that their taxes are being taken care of by professionals. Let us work for you, call our office today and set up a consultation.

Personal Tax

Do you need your personal tax handled, but don’t have a reliable place to go for it? Look no further – here at EZChoice Financial Services, we ensure that you as an individual will never need to worry when it comes to managing your taxes.

Corporate Tax

If you are running a business, it’s important to guarantee that the money your establishment owes the government is accurately taken care of or you will jeopardize losing everything. Our experts will be able to handle all that unneeded stress, so you can focus on taking care of your daily business operations.

Tax Planning & Preparation

To minimize overall liability and maximize efficiency, it is crucial to plan ahead for any financial situation you may or may not endure throughout the duration of your life (or business). We, here at EZChoice, will guide you through the most professional way to go about designing a strategy that will best-suit your needs and wants for the future.

Federal Taxes (GST, HST, PST, WSIB)

Federal taxes are taxes that need to be accounted for to stay afloat. Whether that be GST, HST, PST, or WSIB – we’re just a phone call or email away, let us help you with that!

Estate & Trust Tax Preparation

If you, or someone you know, is looking to prepare their property or trust for the respective heir(s), feel free to contact us to take that load off your shoulders and handle all the necessary groundwork needed before the passing of the individual(s).