EZ Choice Financial Services is an Ontario financial services and consulting company that offers tax, insurance, accounting, audit, trucking tax and permits, as well as any other business services for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals. Based in Scarborough, Ontario, the company is built on the philosophy of providing exceptional service at competitive price.

Tax Services

If you need tax preparation help anywhere in GTA, consider having the professional team members at EZChoice assist you. We work diligently and pay close attention to details to make sure our clients need is fully realized.  At EZChoice, we

Accounting Services

EZChoice is committed to comprehensive accounting services in GTA. We offer a wide range of accounting services to small to medium-sized companies and corporation alike.  Our full bookkeeping services and accounting solutions can help business just like yours. Imagine having

Trucking Tax and permits

EZChoice has been in the Permitting and fuel tax reporting business for a while now,  we have worked with trucking companies of all sizes from owner-operators and small trucking concerns to consulting with larger trucking companies. We let you focus

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Life Insurance The money that is distributed to loved ones or specific individuals upon your death (or the death of whoever is looking to receive life insurance) could be one of the most important decisions in order to ensure that

Business Services

EZChoice offers a range of business services from registering the business to writing a comprehensive business plan for small to medium sized companies. We believe small to medium sized companies are the ones that require sound business advice and planning as


No matter the size of your business, it’s important to make sure you’re keeping proper tabs on your finances. Keeping up with proper accounting practices takes time and energy away from your business.  This is where EZChoice can help you. Let